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Western Dream
by Debra Clifford ASCAP

A one Way ticket west,
she'll ride a horse like the rest
Prairie dogs in the night
and rattlesnakes bite

She'll live a cowgirl's dream
She'll be a Lonestar Queen

Abilene is a town
that the rodeo's in
He's the one on her mind
as the city lights dim

She'll live a cowgirl's dream
She'll be a lonestar queen

Now Cowgirls get lonely sometime
they sit and cry at a cheap five and dime
In the East she would dream all the time
of how western girls live
The way their spurs jangle down the trail
She sees was only a fairy tale
This western life doesn't seem quite her own
She'll take a one way trip home

This western life doesnt seem quite her own
Send this eastern girl home

©Debra Clifford 2004

The Lonesome Sisters Lyrics
Sarah Hawker & Debra Clifford