The Lonesome Sisters


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From Going Home Shoes CD: The Lonesome Sisters with Riley Baugus

by Sarah Hawker ASCAP

I used to think that love was an airplane
Fly me away to some distant land
But now like a traveler I’m home and so lonely
With nothing to show but this chain in my hand

I’m sitting here holding this little silver key chain
All of my hopes and dreams in my hand
I gave him my heart and he gave me this key chain
A token reminder of a fool hearted man
When I first met him he promised to take me
To live in a beautiful land of delight
Where stars would be shining and birds would be singing
And he would be mine for the rest of my life

He called me his darlin’, he called me his sweetheart
He said he would love me and always be near
But his wasn’t true love it was just a vacation
And all that I got was this cheap souvenir

©Sarah Hawker 2006

The Lonesome Sisters Lyrics
Sarah Hawker & Debra Clifford