The Lonesome Sisters


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From Deep Water CD: The Lonesome Sisters

by Sarah Hawker ASCAP

Think, think about this heart of mine
the pulse on your skin as I lay here by your side
with creek water still in my tangled hair
and the sunlight in your eyes
oh now think, think...

Love is a shape in the grass
in the shadow and flutter of time
a place where bodies confess
on infinite blades of life

Oh now think, think
about these hands of mine
the way that they trace your shape here under the sky
and how they're here when you come undone
and the way they can leave you bare
Oh now think, think...

Words can bloom like a bruise
over subtle and intricate bones
think of the ones you refuse
think of the ones you have thrown

Oh now think, think
about this voice you hear
how it shines and turns
and goes missing in the air
and catches the light when you ask why I'm cryin'
and the only thing left I can say

is baby now think, think, think

careful now think, think, think.

©Sarah Hawker 2012

The Lonesome Sisters Lyrics
Sarah Hawker & Debra Clifford