The Lonesome Sisters


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From CD: The Lonesome Sisters with Rayna Gellert

Traditional, arrangement and fretless banjo by Debra Clifford

Oh Reuben's coming down the track and he's got his throttle back
and the rails are a carryin' him from home
If the boiler don't bust cause it's eat up with rust
I'll soon be a long way from home

If you don't believe I'm gone, look at the train I'm on
you can hear the whistle blow a thousand miles
I'm going down the track I ain't never coming back
and I'll never get no letter from my home

Well the train run so fast 'til I knowed it couldn't last
for the wheels was a burnin' up the rail
Old Reuben had a wreck and it broke old Reuben's neck
but it never hurt no hair on my head.

I got myself a blade, laid Reuben in the shade
I'm starting me a graveyard of my own
Oh me, oh my, I'm starting me a graveyard of my own

The Lonesome Sisters Lyrics
Sarah Hawker & Debra Clifford