The Lonesome Sisters


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From CD: The Lonesome Sisters

You promised you’d meet me/Down at Adam’s spring
And bring me some money/And other fine things
No money, no money,/Let this be thy fate
We will go and get married/It’ll be no disgrace

Just get on behind me/And away we will ride
Till we come to yon city/Where I’ll make you my bride
She got on behind him/And away they did ride
Till they came to the river/Where water falls wide
Little Omie, Little Omie,/I’ll tell you my mind
My mind is to drown you/And leave you behind

Go pity, go pity,/Go pity cried she
No pity, no pity,/No pity have I
He beat her, he choked her/Till she scarcely could stand
Then he threw her in the river/Below the milldam

Little Omie were a missing/Nowheres could be found
Her friends and relations/All gathered around
Her mother kept a crying/Till at last I heard her say
Jimmy Lewis has killed her/He’s now run away

He’s up on deep river/as I understand
They’ve got him in prison/For killing a man
They’ve got him in prison/ bound down to the ground
He has made his confession/he’s got it wrote down

You can kill me or hang me/ for I am the man

That drownded little Omie/ below the milldam

The Lonesome Sisters Lyrics
Sarah Hawker & Debra Clifford