The Lonesome Sisters


Lyrics from Lonesome Sisters CD's by title:

Lonesome Sisters: Deep Water
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Deep Water (Sarah Hawker)
2. Peachtree (Sarah Hawker)
Poor Orphan Child (Traditional, Kate Peters Sturgill)
4. Oil in My Vessel (Traditional, Joe Thompson)
5. Think (Sarah Hawker)
6. Horace & Willamina (Sarah Hawker)
7. Hungry, and Faint and Poor (Traditional)
8. Ooh Song (Debra Clifford)
9. 20 Doors (Debra Clifford)
10. Long Time Sun (Long Version)

Long time Sun, other Single Version cuts available in itunes
(A Traditional Irish blessing used in Kundalini Yoga practice)
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1. Long Time Sun (Long Version)
2. Long Time Sun (Acappella Version)
3. Long Time Sun (Short Version)

Other Single Cuts by Lonesome Sisters

1. Blue Eyed Boston Boy
(Traditional, arranged by Debra Clifford)

Lonesome Sisters with Rayna Gellert
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1. Blackbird (Debra Clifford)
2. Babylon (Sarah Hawker)
3. Follow Me Down (Sarah Hawker)
4. White Dove (Traditional)
5. Like This (Sarah Hawker)
6.  Illumination (Sarah Hawker)
7. When the Angels Call My Name (Sarah Hawker & Debra Clifford)
8. Blue Eyed Girl (Debra Clifford)
9. One Morning in May (Traditional)
10. I'll Wait (Sarah Hawker)
11. It's Better to be Alone (Sarah Hawker)
12. Going Across the Mountain (Traditional)
13. Reuben's Train (Traditional)
14. Romans (Sarah Hawker)
15. Darlin' Don't You Know That's Wrong (Traditional)
16. Tonight You're Gonna Lose Me (Sarah Hawker)
17. 3rd of June (Debra Clifford)

Going Home Shoes: Lonesome Sisters with Riley Baugus
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1. God's Golden Key (Debra Clifford)
2. Oh Sleeper (Sarah Hawker)
3. Going Home Shoes (Sarah Hawker)
4. Forgiveness (Sarah Hawker)
5. Go Home Little Girl (Ola Belle Reed)
6. Rain and Snow (Traditional, arrangement & last verse by Debra Clifford)
7. They All Pale (Sarah Hawker)
8. Token Reminder (Sarah Hawker)
9. I Met with Wild Bill Jones (Traditional, arrangement by Riley Baugus)
10. O Sing to Me of Heaven (Traditional)
11. What Can I Do (Sarah Hawker)
12. Highlanders Farewell (Traditional, from Emmett Lundy)

Lonesome Sisters CD
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1. Could you Love me One more Time (Carter Stanley)
2. Over The Sea (Sarah Hawker)
3. Elkhorn Ridge (Traditional)
4. I Have No Mother Now (Traditional)
5. If That's The Way You feel (Stanley Brothers)
6. Pretty Saro (Traditional)
7. Precious Memories (Traditional, arranged by Sarah Hawker)
8. Let Your Light Shine On Me (Blind Willie Johnson)
9. Omie Wise (Traditional)
10. Old Flames (Hugh Moffatt)
11. Western Dream (Debra Clifford)
12. Bright Morning Stars (Traditional)