The Lonesome Sisters


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by Sarah Hawker ASCAP
Winner of Best Country Song, 2004 at Chris Austin Songwriting Contest at Merlefest
From Going Home Shoes CD: The Lonesome Sisters with Riley Baugus

If you’re looking for someone who will wait home every night
Someone who understands that you try to do right
Someone who has compassion for the things that you do
Well I know just that someone that you can turn to

Explain it all to him and maybe he will take you in
And you can tell him about the sorry, cheating fool that you have been
You want a love that divine
You need the heavenly kind
You want forgiveness, tell it to Jesus
That’s his job not mine

You look me in the eye and pretend that you don’t see
That the man that you are now is not the man you meant to be
Don’t look to me for comfort, don’t tell me to understand
Cause darlin’ I can’t help you but maybe he can

©Sarah Hawker 2004

The Lonesome Sisters Lyrics
Sarah Hawker & Debra Clifford